Planning Committee

Ardingly Parish Council is a statutory consultee in respect of all planning applications received by the District Council for the civil parish area of Ardingly.

This means that parish councillors have the opportunity to consider all planning applications received and to forward their recommendations to the District Council. It needs to be emphasised that it is the District Council that determines whether planning permission should be granted or not. In reaching a decision the District Council considers the planning issues involved, their own local plan policies, national planning policy guidance and all recommendations received from consultees, including the Parish Council. The parish council welcomes receiving copies of written representations that have been sent to the District Council outlining views on specific planning applications. Whenever these are received Councillors are informed of the content prior to their consideration of the plans in order to inform the decision making process.

The Parish Council no longer receives hard copies of plans from MSDC. However, plans for Ardingly applications can be viewed for inspection via the Clerks laptop at the Reading Room, Hapstead Hall on Tuesday mornings, from 10 to 12 am.  These are also available to view on-line at the Mid Sussex District Council website.

The Parish Council’s Planning Advisory Committee makes recommendations on most planning applications and holds a Planning Committee Meeting on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 pm; but major proposals are considered by the full Parish Council. Members of the public are welcome to attend and can speak at the beginning of the meeting about any application on the agenda.

Planning Committee Members: Mr. C. Hotblack (Chair), Derek Stutchbury (Vice Chair), Mr. P. Burr, Mrs V. MCcaig and Mr. J. Paul

Public Notice; Haywards Heath Town Centre Master Plan 

The draft Haywards Heath Town Centre Masterplan is now subject to a 6-week consultation, closing Monday 21st December at 5pm

How to Respond

The consultation is open until 5pm on 21st December 2020 and MSDC would like to hear your views.

You can respond:

Following the close of the consultation, a report summarising the response will be published, anticipated end January 2021. For all queries, please contact [email protected]

Supporting documents and further information can be found via the following link:

Town Centre Masterplans – Mid Sussex District Council

Minutes of Planning Committee Meetings 2020 can be viewed below:

DRAFT Planning Meeting Minutes 08.04.20

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Planning Meeting Minutes 12.11.19

Planning Meeting Minutes 01.10.19

Minutes of Planning Committee Meetings 2018 can be viewed below:

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Minutes of Planning Meetings 2017 can be viewed below:

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Planning Meeting Minutes 05.09.17

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Planning Meeting Minutes 02.05.17

Planning Meeting Minutes 02.04.17

Planning Meeting Minutes 07.03.17

Planning Meeting Minutes 07.02.17

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Minutes of Planning Meetings 2016 can be viewed below:

Planning Meeting Minutes 06.12.16

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No meeting held in August 2016

Planning Meeting Minutes 05.07.16

Planning Meeting Minutes 07.06.16

Planning Meeting Minutes 03.05.16

Planning Meeting Minutes 05.04.16

Planning Meeting Minutes 01.03.16

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