Climate Action

Ardingly Parish Council is supporting a group of residents and representatives of schools and local businesses to engage in a variety of initiatives to support the global effort to improve the environment.

‘Ardingly Parish Council recognises that climate change is a real and pressing issue and will work with the residents’ Climate Action Group to raise awareness in the community and consider actions to be taken.’

If you would like to join the group or have any comments, please contact [email protected]  or get in touch via the parish clerk. In future postings, we will explain how you can become involved in improving the biodiversity of the village and surrounding countryside.

The immediate aims of the group are:

  • to reduce the village’s carbon footprint
  • to enable the village to become more resilient and sustainable
  • to create a safe future for our children, grandchildren and the natural environment

The focus is on three areas where we will aim to offer help and updates:

  • repair, reuse and recycle
  • biodiversity (animals, plants and landscapes)
  • links with parish council, schools and neighbouring groups

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Please see the below link for more information on recycling and reusing everyday items;

RandR 040322

A comprehensive list of repair, reuse and recycling sites that may be useful to you, although because of the Covid crisis some of these may not be open at the moment, so do please check with the operator: